Eliana Rose Chrétien



Eliana Chretien (actra-a uda-s eligible)

Eliana Rose Chrétien was born on Father's day, June 15th 2008. Her energy and charisma caught the attention of the Montreal casting industry early on. She got her first commercial audition at the tender age of 10 months and booked her first feature film at the age of 11 months, playing Bébé Julie in Léa Pool’s film La dernière Fugue. A pro on that set she captivated and charmed everyone. She has since worked on multiple film, tv and commercial project.

Eliana has golden brown hair, blue eyes and an infectious smile. She is extraverted and sociable and is always eager to make new friends on set. She loves comic books and sci-fi, so when she got the chance to appear in the last X-Men movie Dark Phoenix, she was elated!

Eliana is a strong swimmer and skater and loves to ski. She is most passionate about helping animals, specifically dogs. She has been taking classes at the Montreal SPCA to help promote empathy, the treatment and well being of animals.