Katia Peel (actra aftra sag)

Katia began her career in 2010 at iPOP! in Las Vegas. She won five trophies, including “Model of the Year” and “Winner, TV Commercials”. Katia was hooked!

Since then, she has managed to work on stage as well as in television, film, commercials and print. Katia loves acting, modeling and performing.

She travels back and forth between Montreal and Los Angeles, or anywhere else work may bring her. This has allowed her to meet new people, see new places and learn new skills. Katia always gets great feeback from directors and photographers. She is great at taking direction and is a true professional.

In her spare time she plays the piano, does gymnastics, karate, and yoga. She also loves to skate and ski in the winter, and ride her bike and swim in the summer, but most of all, she likes singing and dancing.