David Gow (actra, caea, uda/s, wgc)

David has appeared in dozens of film and television projects over the last twenty-five years; (see resume) including films by Peter Masterson, Biban Kidron and Todd Haynes. David was part of the ensemble cast in Robert Altman’s production of Alan Rudolph’s film “Mrs. Parker & The Vicious Circle”. Curiously a great many of the cast went on to make their own features, including David. Gow’s first film “Steel Toes”, starring Oscar Nominee David Strathairn and Andrew Walker, has won a number of awards including Best Feature Film- Beverly Hills 2007, Best Screenplay, Methodfest 2007- Los Angeles, California, and a CINE Golden Eagle, Washington, Industry Award, among others. (www.steeltoesthemovie.com) The film was based on David's hit play “Cherry Docs”. Other plays include “Bea’s Niece” and “The Flight of Peter Pumpkineater” “Relative Good” “The Friedman Family Fortune” “Wake of the Bones”.

David’s plays have seen critical acclaim and international production over the years, making Gow one of the most produced Canadian playwrights of his generation. Productions include: New York City, London, Berlin (seven years in rep.), Chicago, Toronto, Tel-Aviv, Krakow, Warsaw (nine years in rep), Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Memphis, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Stephenville NFLD, Halifax, Ottawa, Jerusalem, Moscow, Boston, Atlanta and New Orleans. Prize nominations include: The Siminovitch Prize, Governor General’s Prize, Chalmer’s Prize and a Dora nomination. David has studied performance and theatre since the age of fifteen. He holds an MFA in Theatre / Playwrighing from York University, Toronto, and studied Theatre Performance at Concordia University, Montreal. David continues to love acting, for what it teaches him about the craft and life. David is a member of Actors Equity, ACTRA, Writers Guild of Canada, The Dramatists Guild.