Gabriel Schultz

Gabriel Schultz Gabriel Schultz  


Gabriel Schultz (actra)

Gabriel Schultz is an award-winning actor and playwright based here in Montreal. He has collaborated with several local professional theatre companies also performed in Germany, Ottawa and across Quebec. Having explored classical theatre, performance art, Gabriel has had the pleasure of working with such companies as Cabal Theatre, Infinithéâtre, Geordie Productions and many more. A multidisciplinary artist, Gabriel has proven to be versatile in both his performance and his acting credits.

A writer and performer, Gabriel seeks to explore worlds of passion and sensitivity. Whether they are political, environmental, or personal; he strives to find both mystery and beauty in his work. His original pieces have succeeded in the festival circuit (Montreal Fringe, ZH Festival), and have gone on to receive several local accolades.

Gabriel is a graduate of Concordia University. He’s continued his studies immersing in several workshops exploring various artistic practices and deepening his range. Through his studies and experience, he has accumulated a vast number of skills which include stage combat, contemporary dance, clown, and puppetry.