Ian Finlay    


Ian Finlay (actra & uda/s)

Ian Finlay got all this training from the National Theatre School (class of 1975) and then started working in television, (Hobbledehoy and Feel Like Dancin’) doing voice overs, (zillions); narrations, (even more); commercials ($$$$); films (no fussing with hair and make-up between takes, please!) and occasionally a tiny little bit of theatre. While doing all this work he felt somehow unsatisfied, unfulfilled - imagining each time the phone rang that it would finally be someone special like Steven Spielberg calling. Then one day the phone rang and lo and behold guess who it was?

“Ian”, said Steven, “I need you for a part in my new movie.”
“Great”, said Ian. “I’ll need above the title billing, a driver and my own Winnebago.”
“Sure thing” laughed Steven. “You and Hanks, together again, you and Hanks…”
“Gee thanks, Steven, I’ll be in my Winnebago. Call me when you’re ready for my close-up.”

And it didn’t take long before The Terminal starring Ian Finlay was a worldwide hit. Well, Ian just might have a couple of free days before Steven calls again. Why not check his availability for, TV, voiceovers, narrations… ah… how about commercials, and oh what the heck even films or theatre?