Jon Lachlan Stewart (actra –a)

Jon is here to tell stories.

Some people worry about the entertainment industry being deformed by the way the world is moving nowadays…one viral video and boom one’s gotten more personality than a whole theatre career put together.

But it’s a beautiful time. It seems anyone can get into storytelling, in the way they want to tell it, and he wants to tell it with you.

Jon’s roots are in theatre.

He writes.

Composes music.

Is a dancer.

And doing voices for cartoons and video games gives him a joy equal to a kid who broke into the peanut butter jar.

We’re all little creators on little islands, even though we might have titles like actordirectorgrip

A large project is the culmination of many people’s collective creations, glooping together the same way drops of white glue do when set on a table, till the final shape is devoid of petty individualism, and only a picture of collective beauty.

“I want to be one of the gloops!"