Lucas Chartier-Dessert (actra, udas)

Born and raised in Montreal, Lucas is fluent in English et en Français.

He landed his first job as an actor in Virginie (RC- Fabienne Larouche) at the age of twelve years old, and confirmed his deep desire to live many different lives, to be an actor. He subsequently enrolled in the Dawson Professional Theatre program and graduated with honours.

Most recently, Lucas was seen Playing the role of Private Lasky in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival followed by the role of Paul Bernardo in Guillaume Longergan‘s Délateur. He has recurring roles in 21 Thunder as soccer star Damian Lacroix, in Sylvain Archambault’s new television series Cheval Serpent, and District 31.

On the stage, Lucas appeared the lead role of the Devil in Clive Barker’s History of the Devil. This play was part of the Fantasia Film Festival at PDA 5iéme sale, produced by Title 66 Company. He also worked with Persephone Production in Hamlet and Doctor Jekyll, as well as the Beyond the Mountain production of Bard Fiction, and Closer by Raw Production.

One life is definitely too limiting for Lucas; he is happy to be able to live out this passion as part of the acting world.