Robert Montcalm (actra caea)

Robert is passionate about truthful performance whether it be in videogames, film, television, or theatre. He has been acting, directing, and choreographing fights for the better part of the last decade and has worked as one of the two main stunt/mocap performers on Ubisoft's For Honor for over three years now. While he specializes in screen and stage combat, his interests also include circus arts and the unique styles of Chinese Opera (Jingju).

Both a Certified Advanced Actor Combatant and Certified Fight Instructor with Fight Directors Canada - Robert works to facilitate meaningful connections between actors on set and stage, aiming for grounded movement which is free, unhampered, and open to play.

Robert apprenticed under Canadian Fight Master Jean-François Gagnon for three years where he assisted at the Segal Centre, Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, Concordia University, The National Theatre School, and the National Arts Centre – among others.

His greatest experience in acting came when he met Montreal acting coach Jacqueline McClintock, leading him to travel from Italy to Vancouver in 2012 polishing his craft and working with artists from around the world. His main focus has become videogames with over a dozen credits to his name in the categories of voice, mocap, performance capture, and stunt work.