Simon Peacock



Simon Peacock (actra)

Born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand Simon moved to Canada in 1995 to pursue his dream of being the first kiwi in the NHL. Horribly undersized, unable to skate and with no tolerance for the cold he instead turned to comedy.

With a background as an award winning copywriter he had been a Professional Improviser since 1986, during which time he lead a New Zealand team to victory at the World Mug in Los Angeles, a Canadian team to the World Improv Championships in 2000, as well as wins in London, Amsterdam and 5 Just For Laughs championships.

He has appeared in numerous films and TV shows including a regular role on Tales From The Neverending Story, Seriously Weird, Decoys, Big Wolf On Campus, Stardom and My First Wedding. Not bad for a boy raised by a family of flightless nocturnal birds with a penchant for brown furry fruit. And yes, he does know Bruce from Auckland. He’s his cousin.