Adalia Pemberton-Smith  


Adalia Pemberton-Smith (actra)

Adalia Pemberton-Smith has an explosive energy, a rich expressive voice and a dramatic flare that literally lifts her performances to a highly polished and mature level. She is a regular cast member of the comedic plays at Theatre Sainte-Catherine including The Virgin Mario, Meconium Diaries, Wesley the Muse and ATM the Musical; a show about love on Wall Street that won Just for Laughs’ Best Comedy award in 2015.

A graduate from Dawson’s theatre program in 2013; Adalia played Cassius in Julius Caesar, Philomele in The Love of the Nightingale, and Hannah in A Chorus of Disapproval among others. She has developed into a gifted performer who uses her intellect and innate sensitivity to text and impulse to break new ground and breathe life into each character.

Adalia has a wide variety of interests and has had the opportunity to be a part of projects ranging from motion capture to narrating for educational films.

An absolutely delightful individual and a hugely generous ensemble contributor, she is well-liked by her peers and directors.  Adalia’s work ethic and dedication are infectious and she brings out the best in herself as well as the other artists who work with her.