Catherine Bérubé

Catherine Bérubé Catherine Bérubé Catherine Bérubé Catherine Bérubé  



Catherine Bérubé (actra, uda/s) Français

Born and raised in Chambly, a lovely town on the south shore of Montreal, Catherine discovered an interest for theatre early in high school; however, it did not develop until several years later, when an exceptional teacher, opened her eyes to the possibility of an acting career. She then decided to pursue her studies in theatre at Dawson College, graduated from the Professional Theatre program in 2004, and started a fully bilingual career.

Geordie Theater Productions was the first company to hire Catherine professionally, giving her the opportunity to perform for young audiences across Quebec, New-Brunswick and Ontario. She then quickly leapt into Montreal’s acting community, with performances in numerous theatrical works: Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Much Ado About Nothing, Mainline Theater's Hedda Gabler, Johnny Canuck and the Last Burlesque and a french children’s play Capitaine Grosnez et le Secret Précieux (of which she is both co-producer and artistic director).

As for television, with only four years of professional experience, Catherine has already landed roles in two mini-series, Durham County 401 (dir. Holly Dale) and Human Trafficking (dir. Christian Duguay), two television series, CBC’s Sophie and SRC’s Pendant ce temps devant la télé as well as in television and radio commercials.

Moreover, she appeared in the movie La vie secrète des gens heureux (dir. Stéphane Lapointe), and you will soon be able to enjoy her performance in the next Recon 2023 (dir. Christian Viel), the third of a sci-fi trilogy.