Jennifer Morehouse

Jennifer Morehouse      


Jennifer Morehouse (actra, caea, uda)

Jennifer has been working extensively in theatre, film, television, and voice animation for over 20 years. She has garnered several nominations over the course of her career, particulary as a theatre performer, including a Dora nomination for Anton Piatigorsky's 'Easy Lenny Lasmon and the Great Western Ascension", and two Betty Mitchell nominations for Alberta Theatre Projects Micheal Healey's Plan B, and Edward Albee's The Goat.  Jennifer is an accomplished singer and composer, and is currently in the process of writing her third novel entitled "If Johnny Evans Was Right". 

She also teaches voice and performance at McGill University's theological college, and does private coaching to individuals working in business who are interested in improving their ability to express themselves authentically and effectively in the workplace. 

Jennifer is a closet linguist, dragonboater, taiko drummer, long distance runner, the mum of two big boys (Nathan, 23, and Daniel, 20), one smaller girl (Gabriel, 10) who is becoming bigger and bigger every day, wife to husband (Matthew, age undisclosed), and friend to oodles of marvelous pals of all ages. 

Jennifer believes that living a Life, is better than making a living and she is enormously happy and grateful to be on this Earth.