Joan Wiecha

Joan Wiecha (actra-a)

Joan Wiecha was born June 26th 1999.  Joan is perfectly bilingual and has blonde hair and twinkling grey-blue eyes. She is a free spirit with tons of ambition and determination. 

She made her professional debut in Innocence Lost, playing the role of Lyne Harper on the Centaur Theatre and the National Arts Centre under the direction of Roy Surette.

She has always been passionate about theatre and has participated in school theatre productions back in elementary school having played the role of the Superficial Blonde in Voices In The Park. She continues to pursue her passion for theatre in high school at College Villa Maria, playing the role of the evil Sister in La Belle et la Bête.

Growing up in a household with documentary producing parents, Joan also took an early interest in filmmaking. She wrote, directed, edited and performed in two short videos: Corny Cob and Le journalier.

Besides theatre and filmmaking, Joan also enjoys playing the piano, dancing, cooking, swimming, cross country skiing, babysitting and doing volunteer work.

Joan Wiecha